They Were Actual Real Life People 

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

I don’t know about you but I will always be nervous when it comes to doing things alone that was supposed to be done by my parents; going to hospital and consulting the doctor / going to bank and talking to the receptionist. 

I find it hard and overwhelming to go up to these people and talk about my problems. What term should I use? How should I speak? Will they understand me? 

I might overthink but I couldn’t help it! Yesterday was a major challenge for me since I’m entering politeknik, I had to do medical check up and had to bank in the fee and yadah yadah… 
Anyways, I. WAS. NERVOUS. I was expecting my dad to follow me around and help me to settle me things but boyyyy was I wrong. 
He went all ‘go inside and ask them what to do’ and ‘go inside and tell them that you want to do medical checkup’. I wasn’t ready at all. If my heart could talk, it would’ve screamed and begged my dad to follow me. 

End up, he didn’t and I did it alone so my strategy was to fake confidence. I walked up to the counter as if I had been coming to that hospital all my life and casually asked everything that needed to be asked (while my legs shaked like crazy). Did my X-ray *proud* without my dad to assist in the process *patting my back*.

But, hey, I survived. If I, the world’s biggest scaredy cat can survive a trip to the hospital and bank, then anyone can. It’s super easy guys *blows nail*.


‘Done’ Everything

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

How’s your Ramadhan guys? 

Mine was fantastic, thank you for asking *curtsies*.

The calm environment was great. The food for sahur and berbuka (iftar) was delicious and overall it was just wonderful, having my family right by my side during sahur and berbuka. 

These past couple of days, I’ve been seeing more ”people” who update their Instagram/Twitter with ‘done sahur’, ‘done berbuka’ and ‘done terawih’. Some say that those ”people” are just showing off and labels them as ‘Ramadhan Muslims’ (those who only does the good deeds during Ramadhan). Personally, I think it’s okay, to be honest. 

Those “people” are encouraging other Muslims to sahur, berbuka and terawih together, isn’t it a wonderful thing? Motivating each other to do good deeds and in turn they’ll get pahala (what is pahala in English? It’s the opposite of sin, I’m too lazy to google it) too but of course as Muslims, who fasts for the sake of Allah, don’t go over the board. 

Check your niat first, why are you posting that picture or tweeting that sentence? Because I’m guilty too so let’s cleanse our hearts in this holy month, okay? 

Since that’s out of the way, I’ll start my politeknik next Monday (not tomorrow, next next Monday). Excited but nervous too! I never thought that I would live in a rental house at the age of 18 but no matter how much you plan, Allah is the best planner right? So even if rental house was my only option, I still chose to go to politeknik because my heart was dead set on it even though IIC (International Islamic College) was much easier of an option; saves money and accommodation. 

Hopefully my decision to follow my gut feelings worth it in the end, In Sya Allah. 

Have a blessed month guys and to the non-muslims, this is THE time for you to try that delicious ayam percik and kuih seri muka that you’ve always been eyeing only at Bazaar Ramadhan(s).


Value For Money

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

I am not someone who really cares about price tags. If it’s expensive, I’ll double think and if it’s cheap and something that I need and I’ll buy it. Simple. 

Rai likes to compares prices which I’ve never done before. Believe me when I say it, it was an interesting experience shopping with her. By the end of the day, I picked up every skill that she initially used and I was proud because I only spent below RM30 as opposed to alone shopping time which would have amounted to >RM50.

We went stationary shopping so we could compare and contrast. Here’s an example: 450 sheets of test pad was RM14.50 but 100 sheets of the same brand and design (the same onelah you know) was RM 5.00. That was a lot of difference. We decided to purchase the big one divide it equally so it was less cash and more product (aren’t we smart *pats myself in the back). 

Usually, if I like a notebook, I would just pick up and chuck it into my basket, go to the counter and pay but that day, I learnt a lot of things. 

She admitted that she felt like old ladies who likes to compare the prices in supermarket A and supermarket B (we all know one or two of those aunties right?) but hey, if we can save money, why not? 

p.s. stationary shopping is worth it if you do it with a friend. You guys can just share a few stuff. Like if there’s 6 pencil leads in a packet then just purchase one and divide among yourselves. See, value for money (I don’t even know what that is but I saw it in a catalogue, must be some economy stuff. I sound bimbo-tic here, forgive me).


Spontaneity and Me? 

I know some of you love spontaneous moments. That feeling of exhilaration when you do something unplanned is amazing. Guess what? I’ve never done anything spontaneous before (not that I can remember off). I hate planning every single details of my outing but I, at least need some outline on what I’ll be doing when I’m at a place so that I can optimise my time (such a bs, I’ll always go around the mall, window shop to satisfy my eyes and smell delicious food to satisfy my taste buds then will buy some then I’ll regret because I wasn’t supposed to buy it in the first place). 

I’m going off topic, I know. Back to me being un(in? not?) -spontaneous, I love the idea but I just can’t commit to a spontaneous day. When I received my polytechnic offer letter, I was happy and grateful of course. Listed all the things that I’ll buy later to bring it to my poly life (it sounds like I’m bipolar, leading a multiple life, haha).

My list was long and I was excited! Stationary shopping, clothes shopping, toiletries shopping (I can shop anywhere if I have money ya’ll). Even did my stationary shopping yesterday with Rai. We bought colourful paperclips (totally for project work, not because it was cute and pastel and just screamed aesthetic, not at all).

Then, I checked my poly website because they just updated the dorm infos and guess what? I didn’t get the dorm! Every year, first semester students have to stay in the dorm because of the orientation week and whatnots. Apparently there was a fire outbreak and only selected students were allowed into the dorms. Others have to settle for rental houses/the train (go back and forth between poly and home, like umm no thanks). 

Now, I honestly do not know what to do? Do I just take it? Rental homes are RM150/month, I’m lucky if I get it because that is the minimum rent. That is just for the house. If I go back and forth, it’s too far;  1 hour++. Or should I just enrol in private uni? Decisions, decisions *massaging my temples*.

Today I realised that I cannot be spontaneous in any way, unless if I was surprised then yes, maybe but not on my own. I have to enrol in poly on 5th June and I’m already going nuts here and my mom said, “We’ll just go there and think of something” ?!?! 

Where did that spontaneous gene disappeared off to mom? Pluto? 


My Resolution

Assalamualaikum and hi!


I’ve created another tab in my blog called ‘My Resolution’. For 18 years, I’ve never completed a new year’s resolution. Of course, on every new year, just like everyone else I’d excitedly pick up a beautiful black pen, the one with gel ink to create that ‘motivated’ mood and my planner, fluff up my pillows, draw the curtains and would prop up my pillow against the wall. I’d list down rows and rows of things that I aspire to complete on that year. I would be super giddy and excited to start my year with all those things list and ready to be done.


HA HA HA, What a joke.


5 days later, I could not even be bothered to check at my list because as usual laziness would always surpass me and on every new year’s eve, I would feel upset that I could not finish what I set out to do and I would create another list that same day, HA HA so sedih guys. I know it’s not just me but I do want to complete my list this year.


THAT’S WHY, I started with a small list this year, woohoo!  You can check them out on my tab. Basically, I have only 10 resolutions for this year after narrowing it down from 30+. There was even a ‘go to spa with mom’. Sorry mom, I don’t think I’ll be taking you anytime soon but In Sya Allah when I work okay? Deal. (Yeah totally had that conversation in my head with my mom, don’t worry guys, she understands).


Maybe all this time, I had a long list of things which I felt pretty nauseating to look at because it was sooooo much. So hopefully with my shortened list, I would be able to complete my ‘random new year resolution in May’ in 7 months. I’ve also crossed some of them because I finally had the time to do those stuff *beaming*.


Feel so happy when I see those crossed off resolutions.


Fashion · Life

A Picture of Sophisticated Grace 

I don’t think I did justice for my first ever fashion show post and I’d like to write it in detail so that one day, I can truly reminisce that moment, In Sya Allah and it might be because I’m not over it yet. 

When I received the invitation, only “what to wear?!” crossed my mind. I mean, come on, what do I, a complete newbie in the fashion industry, would wear to a fashion show filled with the nation’s leading fashionistas? 

If my cupboard could talk, it would’ve cried because all I ever did on that morning was take clothes, wear it, stand in front of the mirror, then take it off and put it back in and I probably did that about 20 times (pfft, who’s counting?). 

I had to be there at 5.30 pm so thank goodness I still had some time to plan my outfit in the morning. Finally, I settled on white on white because I was going for the gracefully sophisticated look and also because it was a headache trying to mix and match clothes (halfway through the show I realised that my outfit resembled the Puteri Islam uniform sans the pink kain -_-‘)

Insyi and I arrived right when another fashion show ended and omgeee, I think that was my first time seeing so many famous people in one place. Like it wasn’t awkward at all, totally kept my cool -___- (I was hyperventilating inside, it wasn’t cool at all). 

That was when I saw Vivy Yusof for the first time as if all those amazing people aren’t enough, Vivy had to come out of the Black Box at the same time when I was mentally about to pass out. But it was just a glimpse because about eight to ten people were crowding her getting her photo taken so I just stood there completely gobsmacked. 

We finally went into the Black Box (the fashion show took place there) and oh my, I felt super important guys, escorted to Schmiley Mo’s area and we were allowed to sit wherever we wanted (they did it to all the guests but I’m going to ignore that). I have to admit, I felt a tad insecure, that surge of emotion where you feel as if you don’t belong somewhere, yeah. You see, I’ve never had that feeling before, ever and I legit had it before the show started what’s with all the gorgeous creatures that sat in front of me. 

But it’s okay, it was just for a while. When the show commenced, I was happy again going gaga on all the baju kurungs. Super nice and beautiful. The designs were just cantik gila macam boleh nangis sebab lawa sangat (try to translate that in english because I couldn’t find the words for that). 

And guess what! They also gave ‘goodie bags’ for all the guests (so imagine those who were invited multiple times, omaigod). The goodies in the bag was nice too; lotion, masks, adapters (random but they were given by silkair (?), Singaporean flight) and angpau packets (this I had to include the picture because they were adorable and all good things has to be shared but I don’t think I’ll give anyone money in these packets).

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and you guys should participate in events like this too. Loads of clothing brands will probably do 1 or 2 giveaways during fashion week for raya so grab it. It’ll be an experience that you’ll never forget and I hope I won’t too, In Sya Allah. 


Ramadhan will be here in a few days, In Sya Allah and I’m beyond excited! I can already sense the calming environment whats with the National al-Quran Competition is on full swing and Yusuf Taiyoob advertisement is up on the tv like every year. May we all have a wonderful Ramadhan filled with blessings and try to increase our deeds in this holy month, In Sya Allah! 




Troublesome Little Guy

My cousin is at the stage where every single thing fascinates him. If your laugh is funny, he’ll laugh at you. If you’re eating something, he’d want some and will spit it back on your palm (cannot be on the floor/carpet, had to be on the palm -_-) if he doesn’t like it. If you’re going to the room, he’ll follow you with a wide smile like ‘I’m about to rob a bank’ kind of smile and here’s the highlight, if you want him to do something for you, most of the time he’ll ignore you eventhough he could heard you clearly but he’ll pull your hand/hair/leg/pants if he wants you to do something for him.

Now he knows how to open the refrigerator and the first thing he’ll put his hands on is the sauce bottle, he’ll fiddle with the cap or he will just open and close it for his enjoyment. 

Here’s the cabinet. He’ll hop onto it and would bang the glass door in a vain attempt to open it. 

And the fence like thing was originally used to separate the living room and the rest of the house because of him but he managed to open it anyways, this cheeky little guy.
He still can’t speak, yet. Can you imagine how rowdy he’d even be if he speaks. Just can’t wait for his ‘why’ period (T.T), that’ll be…adventurous. 

Fashion · Life

My First Ever Fashion Show 

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

Excitement would be an understatement. I WAS ECSTATIC YESTERDAY! To be able to go to a fashion show and witness all the amazing designs and the models and the celebrities and the works that were put in each of the piece were mindboggling. And to top it all off, all those beautiful designs were from Southeast Asia namely Malaysia (yasss, a very proud Malaysian here!) and Indonesia. 
I couldn’t take a lot of pictures of the models because they were walking too fast for the camera so you can check all the Eid Collection in Fashion Valet’s website.

Also, I saw Vivy Yusof, in the flesh, right in front of me! For those of you who don’t know Vivy, she’s the co-founder of Fashion Valet which caters to most of Southeast Asia’s brands like Rizman Ruzaini, Adrianna Yariqa, Alia B. Aere (my all time fav) etc. Being able to witness all these amazing designers’ works under one roof is one of the best experience that I’ve ever had. 

I have to thank Schmiley Mo for giving me this opportunity because my close friends know how much of a fashion geek I am and I was literally giggling like crazy leading up to the day of the show. 


A Little Bit of Both

Assalamualaikum and Hi! 

Actually, something happened yesterday which I was equally happy and disappointed about. 

We’ll go to the happy part first :

I received Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang from Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan (YWP) which I admit was a total surprise because I didn’t expect it at all. That morning, I woke up like every normal person without a job and commitment would wake up, had my breakfast then lunch (no life guys, literally eat then tv then pray then eat). 

At 3pm, my mom called me and said someone from YWP called and asked my parents and I to come to Dewan Perdana Felda. I initially thought it was an interview for scholarship so I toned down my clothes as dull and formal as possible because I didn’t want to stand out (what if I fall? I’ll be remembered as the over-the-top clumsy girl). 

When I arrived at the hall, that was when I realised it was actually an event to honour me (and some hundred plus students; stealing my spotlight only). I was shocked of course because my grades were good but not good enough to qualify for awards like this. I counted my blessings and cursed that person who called my mom earlier. Like hello, you could’ve told me sooner? I looked sooo dull. 

But anyway can lah, I didn’t go up the stage anyways so no harm there. 

Here comes the ‘disappointed’ part:

You know there’s always a speech before perasmian of an event. There was this guy (cannot disclose name for safety purposes; my safety of course). All he talked about was politics, from start to finish and I felt super unappreciated as an individual and SPM leaver who struggled 2 years for this moment. Probably everyone in that hall felt the same. 

In my opinion, politics has it’s time and place. As much as I think that youngsters, including me should read up and be actively aware of our country’s issues, talking about it instead of highlighting the students efforts in an event to celebrate us seemed very wrong to me. 

Maybe there were 2-3 lines about students; not even our achievements, okay just a few lines that acknowledged our presence. Instead of focusing on politics, he could’ve talked about the future leaders and the future of our country and the efforts teens today should make/contribute but his speech was super biased. 

I wasn’t thrilled one bit, man. It lasted for 10 minutes and all I can do was look at my phone and hope that my Candy Crush Soda would miraculously increase its life faster. 

So everyone, (parents, teachers, government, NGOs, etc) don’t just plant the seed of hope in us, but plant the manuals too so we know how to change the hopes of older generation to a reality (we’re clueless. I know that pemuda harapan bangsa, pemudi tiang negara but what are we supposed to do?) 

Okay? Byebye. 


Aere Life 

Aere did it again! They always manage to sweep me off my feet with their modern yet chic and versatile designs. This time around, Aere had come out with Aere Life which is a range of beautiful clothes tailored perfectly for you (and me and basically everyone) for this upcoming eid and you can get it now till tomorrow at White Box, Publika in Gaya Koleksi Raya pop up store by Fashion Valet. 

Okay, now all infos aside, these pieces are to die for. I’ll let the pictures do the talking because I might blabber on and on about these beauties. 

All pictures are taken from Aere’s official Instagram account, @aere

AUREL Top in crème

Look at the tiered ruffles details! My jaw is on the floor, people. 

DANEA Top in Navy

The best part about this top is you can let it be asymmetrical like the picture above or style it with a draping effect (there’s a tiny loop at the sides to loop in the excess cloth) like the picture below. 

CAELI Palazzo Pants (available in 4 colours) & ESSIE Ruffle Top 

Aaaaand, here’s the founder of Aere, Raja Nadia Sabrina! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep making beautiful pieces because I am soooo in love with you!