Updated New Year’s Resolution

Hey guys. I’ve been thinking a lot about my mid May New Year’s resolution. Although it was sudden but I think I did, so far well even if there’s only a month and a half left for a brand new year. I’ve crossed off the ones that I successfully accomplished, super proud of them.

1. Attend a fashion show
2. Successfully complete a Blogilates’ video for a week

(This one lasted for 5 days only, I know! In a couple of days I could’ve completed my resolution buuuuut I completely forgot about this list until a couple of days ago and you can bet that I felt like kicking my teddy bear when I found out that ‘a week worth of Blogilates’ was on my list in the first place!)

3. Eat Korean food
4. Be an acknowledged blogger

(Still far from being it but In Sya Allah one day, let’s hope that day will come sooner than later)

5. Buy a new phone cover
6. Late night meal at mamak
7. Own basic make up kit

(This is one… I don’t know guys. I think I might not be able to finish this one, at least not anytime soon because I’m into skincare these days as opposed to make up. I’m planning, In Sya Allah, to better my skin and then, maybe I’ll take up makeup).

8. Build a complete sandcastle

(Yeah, this one nah uh, it’s flooding everywhere and it’s rainy season now, I don’t think my family will spontaneously decide to head over a beach anytime soon because we just don’t do impromptu things anymore but let’s just hope of good news before new year)

9. Try detox drink for a week
10. Complete Korean lesson Unit 2

the way, that’s all I can say. I didn’t know learning a language would be this hard but it is soooooo worth it when you’re done with a lesson. It feels like you receive an A for a test that you didn’t even bother to read).

That’s the current update. And I really hope I’d be able to complete them so that I won’t feel like a lost cause who can’t even complete 10 resolutions.

I want to make a bucket list too but I don’t think I’ll keep it. You see, if I could forget about this in a matter of months, imae what it would be like if I did make a bucket list? Yeah, it might go south.


A Relaxing Weekend

Now, I have about 3-4 drafts neatly sitting at the top of my blog posts as a reminder that I keep forgetting to continue what I was going to write about.

My days are so hectic when I’m in poly and it changes to some tropical Hawaiian beach vibe in my house, super relaxing until it just slips my mind to write about something.

Thankfully, last weekend was the best weekend of my life since entering my poly because I had free flow of food, nice cozy bed and nothing to worry about and of course, a weekend well spent with amazing friends.

I love my poly, even if it’s super outdated with wooden tables and wooden doors and wooden toilet door and wooden everything-lah in the classes but Polytechnic Banting is a place on a whole new level!

They even had extra dorms equipped with large wardrobes, a study table and a single bed, just nice for a dorm and ohmaigod,the surroundings are soooo Instagram worthy despite the poly being situated in the heart of nowhere!

(Excuse my mengantuk face)

They even have a hangar and a huge airplane, now that’s something else.

Looooook, so cool 😍

The plus point was definitely gaining new friends, despite me being an introvert with uh-mazing social skills *rolls eyes*.

Overall, my weekend was lit!

(On a side note, why do my pictures look small on my screen? Do you guys have the same problem?)

Private Photoshoot

Being photographed by someone sure is hard and I can’t imagine standing in front of 20+ people and posing for a series of photos, just I alone like a model. 

It was hard but I managed to survive the ‘best friend’ photoshoot with Rai and Ath (in fact I had the best picture *blows nails* {don’t tell them, they’ll read it eventually} ). 

We were sooo excited for the last 2 days. We went full on discussing mode. 

“We should put on makeup”

“We should do our photoshoot in the park, it’ll look super pretty”

“Yeah, so whose house should we go to? ”

It was super fun today. Ath put on our makeups because she is the only one who actually knows how to blend eyeshadows and blushes. Rai and I on the other hand just ate kacang and kept Ath company the whole time as she was busy applying this and that. 

Soon, it was time for our private photoshoot on our private terrace (private photoshoot 101 : top floor has the best lighting, people). Even standing in front of my best friends were funny. We tried so hard to achieve the ‘model pose’ but failed miserably. I even looked up ‘photoshoot poses’ in Google but yeah, only managed to take one picture then spent a good five minutes laughing at the said picture.

End up we just took a few shots and boomerangs and spent time playing board games in which, I won again *flips tudung*.

Trying so hard to not laugh my head off