Making It Big

Assalamualaikum and hi! 'When you work in a field you're passionate about, you won't feel like it's a work'. Ever heard of that before? I've heard this term so many times and only recently did I experience it and it blew my mind awayyyyy. Working as a sales promoter for Umma; a modern & modest... Continue Reading →


I Met Someone… 

Assalamualaikum and hi!  Have you ever met someone who is very kind and humble to the point where you feel as if your heart would melt if he/she continues doing whatever they're doing to your heart? (Don't think of it in a romantic way! Think of this person as your grandma who always bakes cookies/cooks... Continue Reading →

The Story of Henry: As Told By Schmiley Mo

  Schmiley Mo is an Indonesian-based fashion brand spearheaded by Diana Rikasari. Intended for daily wear, Schmiley Mo injects fun, happy and quirky notes into each of their pieces. Wear them separately or layer them all together, Schmiley Mo's loose-cut signature allows you to do all that!   My everyday attire would never look anywhere... Continue Reading →

A Picture of Sophisticated Grace 

I don't think I did justice for my first ever fashion show post and I'd like to write it in detail so that one day, I can truly reminisce that moment, In Sya Allah and it might be because I'm not over it yet.  When I received the invitation, only "what to wear?!" crossed my... Continue Reading →

My First Ever Fashion Show 

Assalamualaikum and hi!  Excitement would be an understatement. I WAS ECSTATIC YESTERDAY! To be able to go to a fashion show and witness all the amazing designs and the models and the celebrities and the works that were put in each of the piece were mindboggling. And to top it all off, all those beautiful... Continue Reading →

Aere Life 

Aere did it again! They always manage to sweep me off my feet with their modern yet chic and versatile designs. This time around, Aere had come out with Aere Life which is a range of beautiful clothes tailored perfectly for you (and me and basically everyone) for this upcoming eid and you can get... Continue Reading →

All Googly Eyed

I'm in love! I AM SOOO IN LOVE. There's no word to describe this feeling.  AERE! That is the name. Very versatile and classy. Minimalist yet empowering.  Look at the details! I'm going crazy here.  Look how tailored and clean-cut they are! The designs are just FABULOUS, yes that's the word. Such a FAB. Especially... Continue Reading →

Love For Bags

Assalamualaikum and hi!  I was scrolling through Instagram (again, no surprise there) and I suddenly found a bag haven! I had seen them before in Nona, (a show about fashion and lifestyle) I think but I have a memory span of a goldfish so I forgot all about them until yesterday.  It's called Sometime ●... Continue Reading →

Calaqisya’s Limited Edition Shoes

Assalamualaikum and hi!  I was scrolling through Instagram just now and came across these Calaqisya's shoes and apparently those are limited editions but I was like what?! Calaqisya sells pretty awesome clothes (their dresses and baju kurungs are to die for!) so I was surprised that they had shoes too so I checked out their... Continue Reading →

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