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A Picture of Sophisticated Grace 

I don’t think I did justice for my first ever fashion show post and I’d like to write it in detail so that one day, I can truly reminisce that moment, In Sya Allah and it might be because I’m not over it yet. 

When I received the invitation, only “what to wear?!” crossed my mind. I mean, come on, what do I, a complete newbie in the fashion industry, would wear to a fashion show filled with the nation’s leading fashionistas? 

If my cupboard could talk, it would’ve cried because all I ever did on that morning was take clothes, wear it, stand in front of the mirror, then take it off and put it back in and I probably did that about 20 times (pfft, who’s counting?). 

I had to be there at 5.30 pm so thank goodness I still had some time to plan my outfit in the morning. Finally, I settled on white on white because I was going for the gracefully sophisticated look and also because it was a headache trying to mix and match clothes (halfway through the show I realised that my outfit resembled the Puteri Islam uniform sans the pink kain -_-‘)

Insyi and I arrived right when another fashion show ended and omgeee, I think that was my first time seeing so many famous people in one place. Like it wasn’t awkward at all, totally kept my cool -___- (I was hyperventilating inside, it wasn’t cool at all). 

That was when I saw Vivy Yusof for the first time as if all those amazing people aren’t enough, Vivy had to come out of the Black Box at the same time when I was mentally about to pass out. But it was just a glimpse because about eight to ten people were crowding her getting her photo taken so I just stood there completely gobsmacked. 

We finally went into the Black Box (the fashion show took place there) and oh my, I felt super important guys, escorted to Schmiley Mo’s area and we were allowed to sit wherever we wanted (they did it to all the guests but I’m going to ignore that). I have to admit, I felt a tad insecure, that surge of emotion where you feel as if you don’t belong somewhere, yeah. You see, I’ve never had that feeling before, ever and I legit had it before the show started what’s with all the gorgeous creatures that sat in front of me. 

But it’s okay, it was just for a while. When the show commenced, I was happy again going gaga on all the baju kurungs. Super nice and beautiful. The designs were just cantik gila macam boleh nangis sebab lawa sangat (try to translate that in english because I couldn’t find the words for that). 

And guess what! They also gave ‘goodie bags’ for all the guests (so imagine those who were invited multiple times, omaigod). The goodies in the bag was nice too; lotion, masks, adapters (random but they were given by silkair (?), Singaporean flight) and angpau packets (this I had to include the picture because they were adorable and all good things has to be shared but I don’t think I’ll give anyone money in these packets).

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and you guys should participate in events like this too. Loads of clothing brands will probably do 1 or 2 giveaways during fashion week for raya so grab it. It’ll be an experience that you’ll never forget and I hope I won’t too, In Sya Allah. 


Ramadhan will be here in a few days, In Sya Allah and I’m beyond excited! I can already sense the calming environment whats with the National al-Quran Competition is on full swing and Yusuf Taiyoob advertisement is up on the tv like every year. May we all have a wonderful Ramadhan filled with blessings and try to increase our deeds in this holy month, In Sya Allah! 



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My First Ever Fashion Show 

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

Excitement would be an understatement. I WAS ECSTATIC YESTERDAY! To be able to go to a fashion show and witness all the amazing designs and the models and the celebrities and the works that were put in each of the piece were mindboggling. And to top it all off, all those beautiful designs were from Southeast Asia namely Malaysia (yasss, a very proud Malaysian here!) and Indonesia. 
I couldn’t take a lot of pictures of the models because they were walking too fast for the camera so you can check all the Eid Collection in Fashion Valet’s website.

Also, I saw Vivy Yusof, in the flesh, right in front of me! For those of you who don’t know Vivy, she’s the co-founder of Fashion Valet which caters to most of Southeast Asia’s brands like Rizman Ruzaini, Adrianna Yariqa, Alia B. Aere (my all time fav) etc. Being able to witness all these amazing designers’ works under one roof is one of the best experience that I’ve ever had. 

I have to thank Schmiley Mo for giving me this opportunity because my close friends know how much of a fashion geek I am and I was literally giggling like crazy leading up to the day of the show. 


Aere Life 

Aere did it again! They always manage to sweep me off my feet with their modern yet chic and versatile designs. This time around, Aere had come out with Aere Life which is a range of beautiful clothes tailored perfectly for you (and me and basically everyone) for this upcoming eid and you can get it now till tomorrow at White Box, Publika in Gaya Koleksi Raya pop up store by Fashion Valet. 

Okay, now all infos aside, these pieces are to die for. I’ll let the pictures do the talking because I might blabber on and on about these beauties. 

All pictures are taken from Aere’s official Instagram account, @aere

AUREL Top in crème

Look at the tiered ruffles details! My jaw is on the floor, people. 

DANEA Top in Navy

The best part about this top is you can let it be asymmetrical like the picture above or style it with a draping effect (there’s a tiny loop at the sides to loop in the excess cloth) like the picture below. 

CAELI Palazzo Pants (available in 4 colours) & ESSIE Ruffle Top 

Aaaaand, here’s the founder of Aere, Raja Nadia Sabrina! Keep doing what you’re doing and keep making beautiful pieces because I am soooo in love with you! 


All Googly Eyed

I’m in love! I AM SOOO IN LOVE. There’s no word to describe this feeling. 

AERE! That is the name. Very versatile and classy. Minimalist yet empowering. 

Hope Tee
Beliza Bell Sleeve Top
GINIA Flared Detachable Jumpsuit

Look at the details! I’m going crazy here. 

RHINA Midi Skirt in Fitted Top

Look how tailored and clean-cut they are! The designs are just FABULOUS, yes that’s the word. Such a FAB. Especially the RHINA Midi Skirt in Black and White is the bomb dot com. 

AERE was founded by Raja Nadia Sabrina, a former lawyer (?!). AERE is known for its versatile outifts that can be mixed and matched. Aere (pronounced ay-ree) is all about creative and stylish pieces that are high on the comfort factor.
I am all for minimal elements in my outfit and I think I just found my go-to brand. 

It’s a bit pricey lah but the quality is just phenomenal. 

*checking piggy bank*

I’ll just wait another five years to buy my ‘go-to brand’ then. 


Love For Bags

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

I was scrolling through Instagram (again, no surprise there) and I suddenly found a bag haven! I had seen them before in Nona, (a show about fashion and lifestyle) I think but I have a memory span of a goldfish so I forgot all about them until yesterday. 

It’s called Sometime ● By Asian Designers. The brand is Sometime and they collaborate with Asian Designers hence the dots and all. Let me tell you, they produce AWESOME bags! 

They are, like, really famous in KL according to many… And they’re also famous for their bucket bags. 

Bucket Bag

Isn’t it soooo gorgeous especially the colour! I could look at this all day. “I’ll have this for my birthday next year, please,” *everyone leaves*. The price is reasonable considering the amount of work they put into their creations. They are gems, I’m telling you. 

These are some of their designs which I think is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!! *sending virtual hugs*

Basta Bag
Sofina 3 Clutches
Soho Micro

Another Basta Bag


Again, I’ll just sit here and scroll through Instagram while mentally making a list of things to buy when I earn ‘big money’ *silently sobs in the corner*
p.s all photos are taken from @sometime_byasiandesigners  Instagram. 


Calaqisya’s Limited Edition Shoes

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

I was scrolling through Instagram just now and came across these Calaqisya’s shoes and apparently those are limited editions but I was like what?! Calaqisya sells pretty awesome clothes (their dresses and baju kurungs are to die for!) so I was surprised that they had shoes too so I checked out their Instagram @calaqisya

I really love some of the designs and despise some, but they are so not ‘limited edition’ designs. With a little effort, you could find it in high end shoe stores but again these are just my opinions and I’ll let the shoes do the talking. 

I like this one, to be honest. Because the ‘fuzzy wool’ (what do you even call that thing?) gives off a feminine yet sultry look to the overall body of the shoe. Take that away and all I’ll be seeing is a black flat so I do like that touch of ‘fuzzy wool’. 

WHAT IS THIS?! This looks so unfinished. The pleats at the front and back? What are you trying to do??? This looks like a rubber shoes, paint it yellow and you can probably fool the contractors that you’re actually wearing safety shoes. (Okay that sounded mean, it actually sounded decent in my head guys, I swear). The design can be altered, seriously.

These two are my faves! The nude shoes (a ha) . I LOVE shoes that has straps at the ankle, I just feel like it secures my legs but it is such a hassle when you’re in urgent and you want to take them off ASAP (like I’m-about-to-pee kind of urgent). I like the 2nd one, the BEST! It screams classy yet gives off the air of sophistication. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 

So, their collection is not bad just the pleats at the front and back just puts it off. The pleats also comes in cream/nude colour but it is still the same. 

I would actually buy it if I have money laying around in my house.