The Art of Selling

I didn't know working could be this fun! *inserts happy emoji* I'm working as a sales promoter and my work is based on shifts but Alhamdulillah I don't feel tired nor exhausted despite the month of Ramadhan. Actually, this post is a confession, to be honest I realised that I had been quite (a lot... Continue Reading →


Making It Big

Assalamualaikum and hi! 'When you work in a field you're passionate about, you won't feel like it's a work'. Ever heard of that before? I've heard this term so many times and only recently did I experience it and it blew my mind awayyyyy. Working as a sales promoter for Umma; a modern & modest... Continue Reading →

Shattered Confidence

*My blog is upgraded! It's not much but I like it* I consider myself as a 'confident amd rarely get insecure' kind of girl but that thought shattered into pieces last weekend when I attended the high profiled International Student Exchange Program Selection camp. All of the participants are somehow talented in way or another... Continue Reading →

On Hiatus

Hey, I'm currently upgrading my blog. So there won't be new posts for now but my older posts are quite fun, right? I'm not sure how long it will take but let's pray that I come up with a cool layout and posts. Tatatatata

I Said The Last Goodbye

When I was small, he would always bring me places in his taxi with my grandma. And I used to make face when things don't go my way and he would always tease me yet tries so hard to fulfill my wishes. From 7 up to 17, he was someone I looked up to and... Continue Reading →

An Adult In A Year

Officially 19! (About 2 days ago)  This year was the first year that I spent my birthday without my family nor my bestfriends by my side. I thought I would be lonely because I was in a completely new environment so naturally I thought no one would know my birthday and I would spend my... Continue Reading →

Extension of My Arms

I have been playing netball since I was 10; at first not by choice but soon came to love it sooooo much that I would rush off to school on the days that I had practice. Netball was practically like an extension of my arms; not that I was an extraordinary player with mad shooting... Continue Reading →

Thought It Would Be Like The Ads

I was always fascinated with advertisements and the way some of them resonates with us so well that we couldn't stop thinking about it until we buy it, like the Mc Donald's fried chicken ad *cue the crunch sound with delicious looking and juicy chicken thighs* but sometimes there are also a few ads out... Continue Reading →

2018’s Resolution

Assalamualaikum and hi!  I'm a week late in posting this but I'm just going to assume last week as a trial week and officially start my 2018 today.  Updated My Resolution for this year which are only 7 and coming from me - the girl who completed only 5 instead of 9 last year - 7 is a... Continue Reading →

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