Gordonia Ramsey in The Making

Guys! I made something today which was absolutely new and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. 

I cooked! 

Hahaha, I cooked chicken curry for the first time in my life! *blows nails*

When I wanted to sautè the onions, I called my mom. When I was about to let the oils break the surface of the curry, I called my mom. When I wanted to pour the coconut milk into the curry, I called my mom. I was on the phone throughout the entire process with her, checking if everything is alright and including my room mate, Diana who stayed beside me to make THE awesome curry (she bullied me to include her name T.T) 

I mean, come on, when you’re about to cook for 6 people for the FIRST time, you HAVE to consult your mom, people. 

Since it was my first time, I have to admit that the curry was a bit thick and a tad tasteless (the taste was there but there wasn’t enough oomph!). My housemates are such dears because they complimented my ‘bland-but-there’s-taste’ curry *hugs and kisses*.

Man, it’s so tiring. How can moms cook everyday and never complain about it??? How??? 



Assalamualaikum and hi! 

There’s a reason why I didn’t post Blogilates Day 2, 3 & 4 because…I didn’t do it. Kidding! I did do my exercises but it was too boring to document it so I’ll post about my trip to Ikea’s cafeteria. 


I’ve never had Ikea’s meatballs before which have been tasted by almost all the people that I’ve met and they pretty much raved about those oh-so-mouthwatering meatballs. 

And, it was mouthwatering indeed. Originally it was supposed to be a simple Raya open house and a quick trip to MyTown and Ikea but things escalated pretty quickly so we ended up having lunch at two places; at open house and Ikea. 

After tasting their heavenly meatballs with their thick gravy and mash potatoes and jam (honestly, I don’t get this. Jam? With meatballs?), I finally knew why do people love them SOOO MUCH because that was THE BEST meatballs that I’ve ever tasted in my life, not exaggerating at all. Then we ordered their chicken wings too! It was DELICIOUS too! Is there anything that’s not delicious in Ikea? 
Even the drinks were pretty nice. 

All in all, it was a pleasant memory to be out with friends and share our times eating and laughing. 

Now, I’m sitting in my politeknik’s cafeteria writing this and in an hour my class will commence. Back to reality I guess. Have a great week guys! 
*p.s. I actually took a lot of pictures but I deleted it (how clever).

Game Addict 

These past couple of weeks I’ve been addicted to games. I can’t seem to put my phone down without achieving the daily/weekly score but thank goodness I’m not into those farming games, or else I would’ve slept at 3/4 in the morning. 

The games I usually play in my phone are not the RPG ones or the shooting people one because I HATE those kind of games. I have to live in constant fear (virtually, of course) then I have to invest my hard earned money in guns and snipers, haha no and also the storage those games require are so big, like c’mon 140 MB for a game, you’re crossing your line Mr RPG. 

I love downloading games. I’ve downloaded almost 20 of them but there are only four now because the others didn’t manage to live up to my taste. You should see the games I play, you’ll laugh your head off. 

First being the ever so popular Candy Crush games (Soda and Jelly. Don’t like the Saga, graphic a bit off). LOVE THOSE but it’s soooo annoying when I’m on my fifth life ’cause by then I’ll have this raging competitiveness to keep my life intact (but of course I’ll fail in that level and die then have to wait 20 minutes to regain a heart).

Then comes Temple Run. I’m not too sure about this. It’s nice but I don’t feel the need to play it everyday like my Candy Crush Twins but I don’t want to delete because hello, I’ve invested so much into the characters’ self development (your amazing running abilities and shields don’t come on its own okay, Miss Maria Selva and Ms Scarlet Fox and Mr Usain Bolt).

And here it is, people. My ultimate fav. I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. The Big Ferdinand where you serve burgers and side dishes. It’s sooo much fun. Not fussy, very simple, stressful a little when you accidentally press on the wrong ingredient and have to redo the burger all over again. But the joy when you finish the entire burger, fuhhhh the best. 

The coins fly too!

Obviously I’m not going to uninstall these babies because I actually care about them (because they make me rich, virtually, so nice). I’m so thankful that my phone has big storage and doesn’t hyperventilate and  freeze when I open too many games and forgot to close them. Love you, Oppo *hugs and kisses*.

Trust Issue 

5 hungry hands

LOOK AT THAT? Don’t you want to gobble up everything? All that gooey hot and sizzling chocolate sauce along with that nutty brownies topped with creamy vanilla ice cream is THE BOMB! 

We finished it in a matter of seconds. Aren’t we graceful? Yeah, I doubt it. We were so jakun when the guy poured the hot chocolate syrup on the vanilla ice cream while it sizzled its life away in the hot pan. Worth our RM20.00, I swear. 

You know what is this café’s name? It’s TRUST ISSUE. Yeah, I’m definitely having some of that now after eating that sweet mamma.