Sibling Love: Of All The Fights and All Nighters

Do brothers and sisters always fight? Especially when they’re young? 

Because I can vouch that my brother and I used to fight so much when we were kids, even a mere word can be the trigger to our never ending bicker followed by slaps, kicks, pinches, punches etc. Poor mom, would shout at us to stop but come on, when you’re in the zone, it’s hard to stop and pretend everything is alright. 

Now, my brother and I are like 2 peas in a pod, we talk about almost everything from the under the sun, we have the same taste in reality shows/cartoons/movies (not music, he listens to rocks which I find… Urgh) but back then, our fights were so severe that he still has my bite mark on his chest to which he claims that he got it when he fell down, yeah right *rolls eyes*.

Guess what, the same thing happened recently. My aunt just gave birth to her 2nd child, a beautiful baby girl! And the eldest one, Faiz is super jealous of his sister.  Eventhough he is only 2, I can already sense the impending fights that my aunt has to stop. 

You see, Faiz is very close to me so yesterday, I sat beside the baby and was stroking her cheeks and went all gaga, cooing “Soooo cute! Ehmegerd!” Then, out of nowhere, Faiz came and threw a powder bottle at the baby, but thank goodness his target was off and it landed on the wall. 

Fuuuh, had a mini panic attack right there and then. Faiz had been acting up since his sister arrived, like he’d be super clingy to the point of hugging my leg and never letting go or he would pull me away from his baby sister’s room and ask me to carry him but I find it SOOOOO CUTE. I always have the ‘Finally! Someone needs me’ moment when he does that haha. 

Hopefully these two would grow up really well and confide in each other whenever there’s a problem later on in their lives. 

I find brother-sister relationship very adorable. All the inside jokes that can only be understood by my brother and I and all the nights when we stayed up watching How I Met Your Mother (the best moment ever! Something good does happen after 2am, Ted Mosby).

Just a quick side note, if you have siblings who you’re not close with, now is the time to rekindle that sibling-ly love. Perhaps, they’d be the only one left for you to call as family after your parents, so why not put that ego and hatred (if you guys had a major misunderstanding) aside and patch up. Having your family stand beside you through every ups and downs is probably one of the most grateful thing that you can gain in this life. 

Now, I’m off to make myself a cuppa Milo with The Lord of The Rings in tow for a relaxing Sunday before reality comes knocking at the door tomorrow. Have a great Sunday guys! 


Troublesome Little Guy

My cousin is at the stage where every single thing fascinates him. If your laugh is funny, he’ll laugh at you. If you’re eating something, he’d want some and will spit it back on your palm (cannot be on the floor/carpet, had to be on the palm -_-) if he doesn’t like it. If you’re going to the room, he’ll follow you with a wide smile like ‘I’m about to rob a bank’ kind of smile and here’s the highlight, if you want him to do something for you, most of the time he’ll ignore you eventhough he could heard you clearly but he’ll pull your hand/hair/leg/pants if he wants you to do something for him.

Now he knows how to open the refrigerator and the first thing he’ll put his hands on is the sauce bottle, he’ll fiddle with the cap or he will just open and close it for his enjoyment. 

Here’s the cabinet. He’ll hop onto it and would bang the glass door in a vain attempt to open it. 

And the fence like thing was originally used to separate the living room and the rest of the house because of him but he managed to open it anyways, this cheeky little guy.
He still can’t speak, yet. Can you imagine how rowdy he’d even be if he speaks. Just can’t wait for his ‘why’ period (T.T), that’ll be…adventurous. 

2 Year Old’s Vocab

This cousin of mine is just soooo cute, Masya Allah. You know when it’s the azan time, he’ll trust the remote into my Mamma’s (grandma) hands and ask her to change the channel to TV Al-hijrah.

He’d be all excited shouting “Awah, Awah (Allah, Allah)”. When the azan is over, he puts his two hands as if making a doa then he’ll say “Ameen”. 

He still speaks his own language so sometimes he’d speak nonstop only to be met with questioning gaze from Mamma and I. Such a cutie! 

He just poked my pimples, not so cute anymore

(Can’t post images for a week because there’s not much of a signal I can get here in my Mamma’s house T.T)