Sibling Love: Of All The Fights and All Nighters

Do brothers and sisters always fight? Especially when they're young?  Because I can vouch that my brother and I used to fight so much when we were kids, even a mere word can be the trigger to our never ending bicker followed by slaps, kicks, pinches, punches etc. Poor mom, would shout at us to... Continue Reading →


Troublesome Little Guy

My cousin is at the stage where every single thing fascinates him. If your laugh is funny, he'll laugh at you. If you're eating something, he'd want some and will spit it back on your palm (cannot be on the floor/carpet, had to be on the palm -_-) if he doesn't like it. If you're... Continue Reading →

2 Year Old’s Vocab

This cousin of mine is just soooo cute, Masya Allah. You know when it's the azan time, he'll trust the remote into my Mamma's (grandma) hands and ask her to change the channel to TV Al-hijrah.   He'd be all excited shouting "Awah, Awah (Allah, Allah)". When the azan is over, he puts his two... Continue Reading →

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