An Adult In A Year

Officially 19! (About 2 days ago) 

This year was the first year that I spent my birthday without my family nor my bestfriends by my side. I thought I would be lonely because I was in a completely new environment so naturally I thought no one would know my birthday and I would spend my birthday in depression…

But 11th January was totally opposite from what I expected. It became the most memorable birthday of my life. I started off that day with wishes flooding in from my family and friends via Whatsapp. My room mates were more than incredible; they joyfully wished me at 12 a.m (12am is the new 10pm since new year for us so my resolution to sleep before 12 flew out the window).

The next day, the whole class sang ‘Happy Birthday’ initiated by HF and Istiqamah (love you, beautiful souls!) and a few of my secondary school friends as well as those that I barely knew (I love you guys!) wished via Instagram. It was sooooo surreal because never in my life had I received a ton of birthday wishes hence entering my last teen felt like a true celebration! 

But a funny episode did happened with my room mate. Around 12-ish pm I bumped into her at the library. 

Her : You finish at what time? 

Me : 4, why? 

Her : I finish at 5…

Me : Do you want me to wait? 

Her : Really?! Thank you! 

Me : See you at library then! Bye

*5.00 pm*

She weren’t in the library, guys! I asked her friend, Sha and she said Diana went back home. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. So I walked off to the bus stop all the while hoping that Diana is waiting for me there and I found another friend of Diana, Sha (another Sha) and she said the same thing. Honestly I didn’t know what to say so I texted her and guess what? She did left me and when I texted her she was already at home buuuuuuuuut, she came back for me (isn’t she lovely? Hahaha). 

She forgot about me but came all the way to the bus stop from our house, panting heavily (she walked all the way from our house!) and it was drizzly too at that time and she said “I couldn’t leave you here and you’re the birthday girl!” *cue the aww*. I was touched hahaha. Then we went home and joked all the way through. When we reached home and were lounging by our bed, she went and brought in a moist chocolate cake with 5 candles while singing Happy Birthday!!! That level of friendship is just WOW. 

My birthday ended just right. Everything was pure magical and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday, Alhamdulillah. Thank you to all for the warm wishes; each and everyone of you are angels (figuratively speaking here) and I’ll always keep you guys in my prayers In Sya Allah 💖.


Extension of My Arms

I have been playing netball since I was 10; at first not by choice but soon came to love it sooooo much that I would rush off to school on the days that I had practice. Netball was practically like an extension of my arms; not that I was an extraordinary player with mad shooting skills but I loved it nonetheless. 

But here was my mistake: After a year & a half of stopping netball, I played again today and guess what? I WAS LITERALLY ON THE FLOOR AFTER 7 MINUTES. 

At that moment, I regretted all the exercises that I should’ve done. I was almost to the point of passing out even after 2 rounds of jogs, guys. What a humiliation. And so I thought, “Okay, I’m done with exercises for 2 months” but oh no no no, the coach asked my team to play again eventhough we lost (oh well, we were amazing on the court *self pat*) and throughout the game all I hoped was,  “Let’s not pass out here, okay?”.

Nevertheless, it was absolutely fun compared to weeks before this where we would present about the history of netball (boring) which no one would remember at all. Hopefully, it’ll be like this in the coming weeks. 

Next week, I’ll be in the netball court prepared *crunching knuckles and kicking punching bags*. 


Thought It Would Be Like The Ads

I was always fascinated with advertisements and the way some of them resonates with us so well that we couldn’t stop thinking about it until we buy it, like the Mc Donald’s fried chicken ad *cue the crunch sound with delicious looking and juicy chicken thighs* but sometimes there are also a few ads out there that you couldn’t just wrap your head around them, like the ones they put out during the Eid, which doesn’t make sense most of the time but little did I know that the actual Marketing course that I’ll be taking this sem would turn out to be soooo… 
Everytime I enter my marketing class, I feel as if I’m in an entirely different universe. No matter how much I try to listen in on the presentations in front, my mind always drifts away to “What should I have for lunch?” / “I want to go home” / “What should I have for dinner”. I can never seem to focus on the lecturer and her notes on micro environment nor marketing segmentation. 
But one thing that I really like about Marketing is that this subject is flooded with theories hence there are 2 options; 1. To memorise everything and vomit it all out during tests (good method for those who do not understand a thing) or 2. Actually understand something and succeed in life. 

I’m still comtemplating on which one. Although the latter sounds way appealing than the former, it is not easy but I have 2 months more for this semester to end. Who knows maybe by the end of this all, I might be able to gain something precious out of Marketing *while painstakingly making notes in hope that I won’t fail*.


2018’s Resolution

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

I’m a week late in posting this but I’m just going to assume last week as a trial week and officially start my 2018 today. 
Updated My Resolution for this year which are only 7 and coming from me – the girl who completed only 5 instead of 9 last year – 7 is a lot. I am that kind of person who gets really excited for resolutions, for fancy stuffs and currently into bullet journaling (at this point I’m really not sure how I’m going to pull this off because I tend to draw a bent line even if I use a perfectly straight ruler) but end up only pursuing it half way so hopefully this year I become more mature and actually finish works that I had started.
2018’s Resolution!

  1. Blog more 

         I realised that I’m not a frequent blogger hence I need to up my blogger game and to be honest even if it’s about personal + public matters, it just feels nice to sit down with my phone in my hands and type away my happy moments in here, so need to do this.

      2. Watch The Maze Runner: Death Cure

          This. Is. A. Must. No questions asked. It’s just too precious to not see Dylan O’Brien in the cinema.

      3. Save money for Melaka trip (RM500)

      4. Keep up my bullet journaling at least for 4 months

      5. Go to a musical

          Always wanted to be in one; to sit there and absorb all the singing and acting and the lights and aaah, every aspect of a musical is sooo mesmerising.

      6. 1 week of Blogilates’ video

      7. Learn Tamil alphabets by February 

There you have it! 7 resolutions to try and achieve this year.


    Fast Forward To 2018

    Finally I’m finished with my New Year post! I’ve been wanting to write this for sooooo long. 
    An update on my 2017 resolution, I managed to complete 5! (I know it was only 9 but completing even 5 was a feat guys, I’m just lazy like that).

    1. Attend a fashion show
    2. Successfully complete a Blogilates’ video for a week
    3. Eat Korean food
    4. Be an acknowledged blogger
    5. Buy a new phone cover
    6. Late night meal at mamak
    7. Own basic make up kit
    8. Build a complete sandcastle
    9. Try detox drink for a week

    I was super lazy to do #2. #4 wasn’t an easy task either because I wasn’t active last year and my posts lacked intelligence. The ‘own basic makeup kit’ might not happen anytime soon cause I’m into skincare now (I’m breaking out so bad it’s frightening) and #8, well I didn’t go haha.
    This year’s resolution, I haven’t decided yet because again, I’m just too lazy to sit down and think of 10 things that I want to do for this year so maybe laters baby.


    So far my 2018 has been pretty eventful. I am closer than ever with my classmates after half a year. Alhamdulillah my room mates are literally gems, wouldn’t trade them for anybody ever and I’m finally starting to discover the real me; my identity, things that I can tolerate for others and some things that I need to be firm on, just basics.
    Hopefully this year would be a fruitful one for not only me but everyone as well. Happy New Year!


    That Unwanted Name

    My name is Nur Nasrin Sofea which translates to Light, Flower, Cleanliness (Wow, I know right). Now, as much as I love my name altogether, I hate it when people call me Sofea in particular hence I made sure that my friends and family stick to Nasrin, just Nasrin (just like Harry when he introduced himself to

    The reason behind this is pretty absurd to be honest but I just can’t help but feel as if I am a bitchy diva who chews bubblegum or smacks lip while talking and walks with hips thrusting to the left and right while carrying a Gucci handbag when people call me Sofea.

    But for the past 18 years, a lot of people preferred Sofea over Nasrin. Maybe because it is easier or nicer, I don’t know but it so happens that almost 90% of them are the ones that I’ve recently met.


    “Umm yeah, it’s not Sofea. Just Nasrin get it”

    Obviously I can’t lash out on strangers, I’ll be labelled as nutsy coocoo guys. Even a friend of mine has the same problem. Anyone else in the same boat as us??

    Since it’s been a few years that I keep correcting people, I’ve grown tired of it when I entered polytechnic. Now it’s just:

    Lecturer 1 : Sofea, please do number 5

    Me : Okay ._.

    Unless they ask me if it’s okay for them to call me Sofea (to which I’ll for sure correct them), I’ll just be a Sofea to them.


    Surviving A Nerd Program

    Some of us have this preconceived notion regarding school prefects, student board amd librarians; spectacle-wearing geeks who loves studying and makes smart study related jokes which can be understood by basically everyone in the club except for you (talking about majority here). When I joined my poly’s orientation week as a facilitator, I didn’t expect that I would miss each and everyone of them now after a week of getting to know them.

    Out of accompanying a friend, I came to realise that these people who join such activities are completely different from what I expected them to be; such a high schooler’s mentality.

    They were fun, crazy, easy to talk with and we made undeniably the best of memories at this year’s orientation week although I was more on the silent side. The first 2 days was what made me realise that ‘Hey! You know what, you can be cool and still join events like this at the same time. There’s no need to strict yourself to rules put up by people. If you’re going to join it,then do it’ or more like ‘THIS IS SOOOOO FUUUUUN’.

    Great memories with great people are always are treasure!


    Updated New Year’s Resolution

    Hey guys. I’ve been thinking a lot about my mid May New Year’s resolution. Although it was sudden but I think I did, so far well even if there’s only a month and a half left for a brand new year. I’ve crossed off the ones that I successfully accomplished, super proud of them.

    1. Attend a fashion show
    2. Successfully complete a Blogilates’ video for a week

    (This one lasted for 5 days only, I know! In a couple of days I could’ve completed my resolution buuuuut I completely forgot about this list until a couple of days ago and you can bet that I felt like kicking my teddy bear when I found out that ‘a week worth of Blogilates’ was on my list in the first place!)

    3. Eat Korean food
    4. Be an acknowledged blogger

    (Still far from being it but In Sya Allah one day, let’s hope that day will come sooner than later)

    5. Buy a new phone cover
    6. Late night meal at mamak
    7. Own basic make up kit

    (This is one… I don’t know guys. I think I might not be able to finish this one, at least not anytime soon because I’m into skincare these days as opposed to make up. I’m planning, In Sya Allah, to better my skin and then, maybe I’ll take up makeup).

    8. Build a complete sandcastle

    (Yeah, this one nah uh, it’s flooding everywhere and it’s rainy season now, I don’t think my family will spontaneously decide to head over a beach anytime soon because we just don’t do impromptu things anymore but let’s just hope of good news before new year)

    9. Try detox drink for a week
    10. Complete Korean lesson Unit 2

    the way, that’s all I can say. I didn’t know learning a language would be this hard but it is soooooo worth it when you’re done with a lesson. It feels like you receive an A for a test that you didn’t even bother to read).

    That’s the current update. And I really hope I’d be able to complete them so that I won’t feel like a lost cause who can’t even complete 10 resolutions.

    I want to make a bucket list too but I don’t think I’ll keep it. You see, if I could forget about this in a matter of months, imae what it would be like if I did make a bucket list? Yeah, it might go south.


    Dealing With Pedophile 101

    I am the kind of person that need my mom wherever I go; to the hospital, for grocery shopping or to buy stamps at post office but I did one of the most ‘adult thing’ that an adult always does (I think) and I deserve a pat in the back *patting myself*.

    I bought a few skincare products at Hermo last Friday and as any other normal deliveries would be,I received my parcel yesterday. So I signed and wrote down my name, you know the usual formalities.

    Things started to go south when I received a text from the postman who sent me the parcel and here’s the thing, he asked me, “have you received the package?”. Weird? I know right?!

    Then he asked me what is the content of the parcel, whether I am 18 or not and if I’m busy and he even asked if I was sleeping when I ignored his messages after his question on my age.

    At first I thought, if I just ignore him then he would go away but nah-ah, he clinged on guys *rolling my eyes*. He sent me a morning text which was met with silence in my part then he dropped it, “Awk ouh awk, sy nak tanya boleh”, I swear I felt like hitting him with a wooden spoon.

    So I told 2 of my friends and they both came up with the SAME conclusion : that he is a pedophile and YES! 100% AGREED.

    Then he still didn’t give up and I was too fed up so I replied (I replied okay I replied) “Ya?”. Do you know what he asked me? “Nk knl bole?” SUMPAH WEY AKU RASA MACAM NAK SMACKDOWN DIA, MASYA ALLAH THE URGE WAS TOO HIGH TO IGNORE. I mean, this guy knows my name, phone number and the place I live at!

    And the most adult thing I did was report him to his courier company! I’ve never even reported on the kids who bullied me back in elementary school because I’m such a shy dork but I did that and guess what??? IT FELT AMAZING!

    After a few emails and phone call, it’s safe to say that guy won’t bother me again, yeay! The manager in charge personally called to apologise but I felt bad for him because of people like the pedophile, the whole company had to suffer loss, haiya.

    Moral of the story: Be brave and do what you think is right even if you sympathise (which I totally didn’t feel *nervous laugh*) that person. I don’t know what will happen to him after this but I just hope he won’t do the same to others and actually focus on doing his job properly haih *shaking my head*


    I Might Make A New Blog

    I haven’t updated my blog in a long time and to be honest, I just don’t feel like it.

    I’ve got loads to write about to be honest, like how I am suddenly addicted to watching Bollywood movies everyday and that one time where my friend and I watched a movie in her laptop and the home button redirected us to a porn website (mentally spooned my eyes out and washed them with bleach) or how I am keeping up with a ‘happiness list’ (I’ll probably update about this).

    But whenever I open my blog, the words are always cut short in the middle and it’s either I would delete the entire post or just leave it in the draft (there are soooo many drafts on top of my blog posts now).

    I don’t know is it because I’m lazy beyond guidance or… Okaylah, I’m lazy because my blog here doesn’t have a purpose,you see so I’m just going back and forth to see what genre suits me.

    I might make a new blog one day or continue with this one so we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

    For now, I’m going to enjoy my peanut butter cookies