I’m Nasrin, 19 from KL, Malaysia. This blog was officially set up on March ’17 but I was on hiatus all this while. Now I’ve finally returned to the platform that I cherish the most. Stay with me on this one because after all you’ll get to know me here hence this intro will be quite long.

The reason why I wanted to set up a blog in the first place is because I love sharing my views/days/the food I ate/my holidays/my feelings for certain someone *cough cough* and I can’t exactly type all I want in my Instagram caption now can I? So bam! I made a blog.

This blog will be a mixture of my life (quite fun, I think but can get boring cause I’m the person who goes out for  a day and sleeps for the next 10) and fashion (I LOVE FASHION but an area that I’ve never experimented before).

Usually I don’t hope much so my hope for this blog is just for me to record all my , precious moments in my life and when I reach 50+,  In Syaa Allah I’ll be able to reminisce back on my life as a person who had achieved sooooooo much! Hah, it’s not long as I anticipated hence enjoy reading my posts peeps.



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