Gordonia Ramsey in The Making

Guys! I made something today which was absolutely new and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. 

I cooked! 

Hahaha, I cooked chicken curry for the first time in my life! *blows nails*

When I wanted to sautè the onions, I called my mom. When I was about to let the oils break the surface of the curry, I called my mom. When I wanted to pour the coconut milk into the curry, I called my mom. I was on the phone throughout the entire process with her, checking if everything is alright and including my room mate, Diana who stayed beside me to make THE awesome curry (she bullied me to include her name T.T) 

I mean, come on, when you’re about to cook for 6 people for the FIRST time, you HAVE to consult your mom, people. 

Since it was my first time, I have to admit that the curry was a bit thick and a tad tasteless (the taste was there but there wasn’t enough oomph!). My housemates are such dears because they complimented my ‘bland-but-there’s-taste’ curry *hugs and kisses*.

Man, it’s so tiring. How can moms cook everyday and never complain about it??? How??? 


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