Blogilates’ Day 1: “I Feel Like Dying”

I feel like dying! 

After days of scarfing down mutton kurma, friend chickens, mutton curry and loads of raya biscuits, I came to a conclusion. As each day passed, I felt more sluggish. Too lazy to do EVERYTHING; brushing teeth, showering, putting on clothes etc. I just wanted to sleep my days off and wake up and eat and sleep again. 

After contemplating long and hard, I decided that enough is enough (not on the food part, of course). I cannot be THIS lazy, so today I made a bold move to finally lock myself in my room…and…EXERCISE! HAHA. 

Yes, I did that *proud of myself*, *patting myself in the back*. Since it will be downright weird to do burpees/squats in the living room, I did it in my room and guess what?! 


Cassie (the instructor/trainer/founder [what do you call her?] of Blogilates) is probably one of the most motivating person that I had come across in social media. She was all “GO! GO! I know you can do it! Little more! In 5,4,3,2,1 Done!” while I was cursing her for making my thighs and lungs burn so bad but in the end, we came through.

She thanked me and said that she was proud of me, “Look at you guys! Give yourselves a huge applause for making it until the end!” *totally directed that at me*. 

Although it was fun, the process felt like D.Y.I.N.G. Especially when I’m done with squats then I have to use the same muscles to do butt kick, it was hard okay, hard. But it was definitely worth the pain because I felt super replenished at the end. 

Since I was too motivated, I tried the arms exercise too and my arms went jelly 2 minutes into the video. All my life, I’ve never done any arm specified exercise and doing it just now felt as if my arms were being ripped apart. Ended up, I cursed myself too for being too enthusiastic (Cassie and her bubbly spirit is really addictive) but it’s all good now, I love myself again. 

I’m writing this after my mini workout session. Could totally feel my biceps now. Chugged down tonnes of water and my stomach feels bloated again but it’s okay, I’ll exercise again after this -> said no one ever. Meet up with Cassie once a day is enough for now, tata. 


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