Vivy Sofea in The Making

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

It’s Raya already! How time flies. It feels like just yesterday we welcomed Ramadan and now it’s Syawal! Super blessed to have my family members around. 

This Raya, we celebrated Eid with my mom’s side and it was FANTASTIC! We started cooking yesterday and it was not your typical ‘rendang and lemang’. Since we’re Indian Muslims, we always do it in a very Indian-ish way; Idiyapam (putu piring without the brown sugar), meat kurma, chicken gravy, fried chicken. Lemang and rendang is like a side dish to us, ha ha. 

Here’s the best part (for me at least), my first baju raya (raya attire) was super gorgeous guys, I felt like crying *teary-eyed* because I didn’t have much time to select my baju kurung due to late start in Raya holiday. My mom and I went to Times Square to scout for baju raya yesterday and honestly I’m quite pleased with my choice! Soft pink button blouse tucked into floral kembang (please Google kembang in English, too lazy to translate) skirt

I was called Vivy Sofea okay? *flips tudung*.

This is not the super gorgeous attire guys. That ‘super gorgeous attire’ cannot be shown because I had no photographer on the first Eid *crying*. This is the 2nd Syawal outfit. [Tudung : Naelofar Hijab. Baju kurung : Unknown shop] 

Have a great and blessed Eid, guys! 

I wrote this post 2 days ago but was super busy (eating) that I forgot to upload until today. I know its late but have a wonderful Eid filled with delicious food! 


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