Final Days

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

We’re already on the final days of Ramadan! Time do fly really fast. I feel like just last week, I was excited for Ramadan to come, couldn’t wait for the ambience of the month and the bazaar food but in a few days, Ramadan will close its curtains.

I do admit that I’ve missed a huge chunk of Ramadan, what’s with moving into my new house, new environment, trying to adapt to the surrounding and new studying place to the point where I feel guilty everytime I put down the sejadah (praying mat) to pray. 

I really hope that during these last few days, I can fully focus on my ibadah, increase my good deeds and ask for everything that I want this coming year from Allah, Ameen.

My politeknik life is really goooooood! Haha, my classmates aren’t snooby which is really great. My housemates are super crazy, we have shared everything (almost) and it’s only the second week. As much as I wanted matriculation before coming here, I’m grateful now *glistening tears*.

While I’m writing this, there is a huge lizard and a small one, probably the kid in my balcony and the door is opened wide, someone help me! *stealthily closing the door*.


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