Pilates: Thigh on Fire

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

In ‘My Resolution’, I wrote the ten things that I want to do before 2018. One of them is exercise by watching Blogilates’ videos for a week and I thought, it’s just a week, no big deal. 

I regretted my decision after a couple of days of hamstring ache. It was last week, the week before Ramadhan, I was inspired and motivated. I was thinking, “I could really follow Cassie because come on it’s easy. Better than running!”.

Running. Is. Better because my thighs almost gave up during half squat after 8 minutes of pilates. For those of you who don’t know what I’m rambling about, Cassie Ho has a youtube account called Blogilates in which she teaches pop pilates to us, the lazy souls who can’t be bothered to wake up every morning just for a quick jog. She’s very successful in what she’s doing, she even has a clothing line! So do check her out for some useful tips on health and diet. 

I bet, everyone who sees her videos would be pumping up with adrenaline and motivation. You’d go, “Yes, Cassie! I can do this! I’ll get my yoga mat and off we go!”. I was one of those ‘everyone’ and ha ha, if I wasn’t determined enough, I probably would’ve laughed at myself. Me? Exercise? Yeah, no thanks. 

Since I don’t own a yoga mat, I used my towel and locked myself in my room for 8 minutes. The first 2 minutes was a bliss. I felt my abs getting stronger and I was sweating buckets trying to follow her steps. It felt good but the happiness was shortlived. 

That’s when the agony began. The rest of the video was just me trying my very best to pause when she pauses but failing miserably because I kept resting every 5 seconds. In the end, I did manage to follow along. 

I’d say it was the best 8 minutes of my life. The exercise was great! My abs was screaming and my legs were shaking doing all the lunges and half squats and tsunami (the names ‘_’) but it was fun! 

Really recommend it to those who despise running. I didn’t manage to meet my goals yet; exercise for a week because it’s Ramadhan, you know (1001 excuses to not go back to Cassie) but I’ll definitely try after Eid, gotta lose that extra kilos of beef rendang and kari ayam. 


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