Mask Unlocked: Didn’t Burn My Face

I LOVE masks, all kinds of masks; peel off ones, wash off ones, scrub masks, cooling ones, etc. 

Since it’s been ages since my last mask, I decided to try on the Huxley Scrub Mask: Sweet Therapy (it was sweet indeed) because I know I’d be busy and exhausted after this. 

I wasn’t expecting my spots to be gone completely or sudden brightening effects, just wanted to finish it off as it was a ‘one time use’ mask. 

I was genuinely surprised when I applied it onto my skin (by the way, it’s a wash off mask). It was super warm. I almost considered to wash off my mask right there and then because out of all the masks that I’ve ever worn this was the only mask that heated up.

I was going nuts,people. 

“Why is this hot?”

“Other ones not hot at all” (I’ve used 2 other ones and it behaved just like any mask would). 

“My skin is burning!” (Such a drama queen, I was fine. My skin is probably thanking me). 

Despite all the red alarm that my brain was throwing at me, I left the mask on for about half an hour because my heart said so (that sounded way better in my head, not cliché at all). 

I’m more of a ‘follow my feeling’ kind of person instead of ‘rational thoughts’ so I packed my bag for politeknik and cleaned my room while the mask was heating up my face. It was not hot at all, just gave off a warm sensation as if drinking a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day, you know the warm and fuzzy feeling? Yeah, sort of like that. 

Since it was a scrub mask, it acted as an exfoliator as well because my face felt like baby’s butt after I washed it off, super soft! My honest review: if it wasn’t super expensive, I would’ve bought truckloads of this mask. I mean RM148.00 for a mask is…not okay. 

Of course, the rational side of me came into play this morning and I googled “Why does face masks heat up upon application?” (complete with question mark and all, felt like grammar nazi at that moment). 

“Self-heating masks are essential to open pores and activate blood circulation,” Fallas explains. If you suffer from blemishes, clogged pores, or oil overproduction, the enhanced pore-opening, blood flow–boosting action is perfect for you—and it enables the other ingredients in the treatment, like oil-absorbing kaolin (which is in both formulations), to work deeper within the skin to absorb impurities and debris. – Edward Fallas of Somme Institute. 

You can read the the rest of the article here:

My face has been the smoothest it has ever been since teenage years filled with hormonal hormones so I think, it is worth the money (if you are willing to splurge). 


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