They Were Actual Real Life People 

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

I don’t know about you but I will always be nervous when it comes to doing things alone that was supposed to be done by my parents; going to hospital and consulting the doctor / going to bank and talking to the receptionist. 

I find it hard and overwhelming to go up to these people and talk about my problems. What term should I use? How should I speak? Will they understand me? 

I might overthink but I couldn’t help it! Yesterday was a major challenge for me since I’m entering politeknik, I had to do medical check up and had to bank in the fee and yadah yadah… 
Anyways, I. WAS. NERVOUS. I was expecting my dad to follow me around and help me to settle me things but boyyyy was I wrong. 
He went all ‘go inside and ask them what to do’ and ‘go inside and tell them that you want to do medical checkup’. I wasn’t ready at all. If my heart could talk, it would’ve screamed and begged my dad to follow me. 

End up, he didn’t and I did it alone so my strategy was to fake confidence. I walked up to the counter as if I had been coming to that hospital all my life and casually asked everything that needed to be asked (while my legs shaked like crazy). Did my X-ray *proud* without my dad to assist in the process *patting my back*.

But, hey, I survived. If I, the world’s biggest scaredy cat can survive a trip to the hospital and bank, then anyone can. It’s super easy guys *blows nail*.


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