‘Done’ Everything

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

How’s your Ramadhan guys? 

Mine was fantastic, thank you for asking *curtsies*.

The calm environment was great. The food for sahur and berbuka (iftar) was delicious and overall it was just wonderful, having my family right by my side during sahur and berbuka. 

These past couple of days, I’ve been seeing more ”people” who update their Instagram/Twitter with ‘done sahur’, ‘done berbuka’ and ‘done terawih’. Some say that those ”people” are just showing off and labels them as ‘Ramadhan Muslims’ (those who only does the good deeds during Ramadhan). Personally, I think it’s okay, to be honest. 

Those “people” are encouraging other Muslims to sahur, berbuka and terawih together, isn’t it a wonderful thing? Motivating each other to do good deeds and in turn they’ll get pahala (what is pahala in English? It’s the opposite of sin, I’m too lazy to google it) too but of course as Muslims, who fasts for the sake of Allah, don’t go over the board. 

Check your niat first, why are you posting that picture or tweeting that sentence? Because I’m guilty too so let’s cleanse our hearts in this holy month, okay? 

Since that’s out of the way, I’ll start my politeknik next Monday (not tomorrow, next next Monday). Excited but nervous too! I never thought that I would live in a rental house at the age of 18 but no matter how much you plan, Allah is the best planner right? So even if rental house was my only option, I still chose to go to politeknik because my heart was dead set on it even though IIC (International Islamic College) was much easier of an option; saves money and accommodation. 

Hopefully my decision to follow my gut feelings worth it in the end, In Sya Allah. 

Have a blessed month guys and to the non-muslims, this is THE time for you to try that delicious ayam percik and kuih seri muka that you’ve always been eyeing only at Bazaar Ramadhan(s).


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