Updated New Year’s Resolution

Hey guys. I’ve been thinking a lot about my mid May New Year’s resolution. Although it was sudden but I think I did, so far well even if there’s only a month and a half left for a brand new year. I’ve crossed off the ones that I successfully accomplished, super proud of them.

1. Attend a fashion show
2. Successfully complete a Blogilates’ video for a week

(This one lasted for 5 days only, I know! In a couple of days I could’ve completed my resolution buuuuut I completely forgot about this list until a couple of days ago and you can bet that I felt like kicking my teddy bear when I found out that ‘a week worth of Blogilates’ was on my list in the first place!)

3. Eat Korean food
4. Be an acknowledged blogger

(Still far from being it but In Sya Allah one day, let’s hope that day will come sooner than later)

5. Buy a new phone cover
6. Late night meal at mamak
7. Own basic make up kit

(This is one… I don’t know guys. I think I might not be able to finish this one, at least not anytime soon because I’m into skincare these days as opposed to make up. I’m planning, In Sya Allah, to better my skin and then, maybe I’ll take up makeup).

8. Build a complete sandcastle

(Yeah, this one nah uh, it’s flooding everywhere and it’s rainy season now, I don’t think my family will spontaneously decide to head over a beach anytime soon because we just don’t do impromptu things anymore but let’s just hope of good news before new year)

9. Try detox drink for a week
10. Complete Korean lesson Unit 2

the way, that’s all I can say. I didn’t know learning a language would be this hard but it is soooooo worth it when you’re done with a lesson. It feels like you receive an A for a test that you didn’t even bother to read).

That’s the current update. And I really hope I’d be able to complete them so that I won’t feel like a lost cause who can’t even complete 10 resolutions.

I want to make a bucket list too but I don’t think I’ll keep it. You see, if I could forget about this in a matter of months, imae what it would be like if I did make a bucket list? Yeah, it might go south.


Dealing With Pedophile 101

I am the kind of person that need my mom wherever I go; to the hospital, for grocery shopping or to buy stamps at post office but I did one of the most ‘adult thing’ that an adult always does (I think) and I deserve a pat in the back *patting myself*.

I bought a few skincare products at Hermo last Friday and as any other normal deliveries would be,I received my parcel yesterday. So I signed and wrote down my name, you know the usual formalities.

Things started to go south when I received a text from the postman who sent me the parcel and here’s the thing, he asked me, “have you received the package?”. Weird? I know right?!

Then he asked me what is the content of the parcel, whether I am 18 or not and if I’m busy and he even asked if I was sleeping when I ignored his messages after his question on my age.

At first I thought, if I just ignore him then he would go away but nah-ah, he clinged on guys *rolling my eyes*. He sent me a morning text which was met with silence in my part then he dropped it, “Awk ouh awk, sy nak tanya boleh”, I swear I felt like hitting him with a wooden spoon.

So I told 2 of my friends and they both came up with the SAME conclusion : that he is a pedophile and YES! 100% AGREED.

Then he still didn’t give up and I was too fed up so I replied (I replied okay I replied) “Ya?”. Do you know what he asked me? “Nk knl bole?” SUMPAH WEY AKU RASA MACAM NAK SMACKDOWN DIA, MASYA ALLAH THE URGE WAS TOO HIGH TO IGNORE. I mean, this guy knows my name, phone number and the place I live at!

And the most adult thing I did was report him to his courier company! I’ve never even reported on the kids who bullied me back in elementary school because I’m such a shy dork but I did that and guess what??? IT FELT AMAZING!

After a few emails and phone call, it’s safe to say that guy won’t bother me again, yeay! The manager in charge personally called to apologise but I felt bad for him because of people like the pedophile, the whole company had to suffer loss, haiya.

Moral of the story: Be brave and do what you think is right even if you sympathise (which I totally didn’t feel *nervous laugh*) that person. I don’t know what will happen to him after this but I just hope he won’t do the same to others and actually focus on doing his job properly haih *shaking my head*


I Might Make A New Blog

I haven’t updated my blog in a long time and to be honest, I just don’t feel like it.

I’ve got loads to write about to be honest, like how I am suddenly addicted to watching Bollywood movies everyday and that one time where my friend and I watched a movie in her laptop and the home button redirected us to a porn website (mentally spooned my eyes out and washed them with bleach) or how I am keeping up with a ‘happiness list’ (I’ll probably update about this).

But whenever I open my blog, the words are always cut short in the middle and it’s either I would delete the entire post or just leave it in the draft (there are soooo many drafts on top of my blog posts now).

I don’t know is it because I’m lazy beyond guidance or… Okaylah, I’m lazy because my blog here doesn’t have a purpose,you see so I’m just going back and forth to see what genre suits me.

I might make a new blog one day or continue with this one so we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

For now, I’m going to enjoy my peanut butter cookies


Such A Busy Bee

It’s been 3 weeks and I had no idea what to write about all week long.

There are currently 4 drafts sitting neatly on top of my ‘blog posts’ section.

So finally, today would mark the end of my writer’s block, yeay!

Last Thursday, I received a message from JPA which read more or so like ‘CONGRATULATIONS! You have been granted the ______ scholarship. For further information, log onto www…..’

I was in my English class nervously waiting for my turn to present my talk and when I received that text, my mind literally went blank. For a second, I didn’t know where I was because this is big deal!

I wasn’t sure if it was because of the speech or because I wasn’t expecting that kind of news at 9 in the morning, my shaky hands logged onto the website and guess what. IT IS TRUE!

Alhamdulillah *crying a river*.

Right now, I’m on a student loan and as much as I think that it is alright, I know that right after my diploma I have to start paying and it is a burden for me knowing that my salary probably won’t be much for the first few years for me to pay on a monthly basis.

Hence, I am extremely grateful and hopefully the process of submitting the documents will go smoothly too, In Sya Allah.

Ooooo, you guys! My final exam is on the 23rd Oct and I, foolishly signed up for a 3km marathon on 22nd Oct (I thought my finals starts at 25th T.T) and on the 27th I have my history test but on the same 27th I have to submit my scholarship documents, phew. I’ve never been this busy in my life.

Buuut, I have a feeling that everything will go just well, In Sya Allah.

And now, I’ve got Management class to catch up, buh-bye!


If Only Typing Is An Exercise

Assalamualaikum and hi!

1. Exercising is hard.

2. Keeping it up for a week is harder.

3. Eating clean is the hardest.

1+2+3. Exercise + Clean eating = BAAAM! A glowing you inside and out.

But why, all good acts are difficult to do when we humans are always attracted to good and nice things? It still baffles me.

Personally and based on other’s experience (friends and family), it’s because of laziness, tadaa, I know right? Such a ‘rocket science’ discovery *rolls eyes*.

Well, I can’t deny it, at all. I made a vow to follow Blogilates’ videos for a week without fail but I just couldn’t keep up *silently crying in the corner*. I think 4 days were my personal best score then the next day, my body will immediately go into a hybernate mode.

But anyway, since I’m just too lazy to exercise now and I’ll probably would never do for it a week straight because of finals (“Excuses, excuses, tsk tsk”) and whatnots, I even consider walking to my poly as an exercise these days. Wouldn’t it be perfect if typing considered as exercise? I would have 6 pack abs now, woohoo…

I’m currently ending this post after a long walk from poly, very healthy I know


Merdeka + Raya

Assalamualaikum and hi!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, everyone!

This year would probably be one of the most memorable Hari Raya + Merdeka ever because Malaysia rose as the overall champion for SEA Games with a whopping 145 gold medals (phew, now that deserves a standing ovation)! And because of our amazing athletes, the prime minister declared a public holiday next Monday! (If I could hug our athletes, I would do it in a heartbeat. Getting a holiday on MONDAY is like the icing on a cake, just perfect).

I’ve never openly confessed my love for Malaysia to be honest because a) It would seem awkward to suddenly talk about my undying love for my country and b) Umm,yeah pretty much that’s it. Since Independence Day had just finished and I conveniently forgot to blog, here it is, as a Malaysian, I am soooo proud to call this country my home; the food, friendly neighbours, the environment, amazing tourists’ spots and the creative talents that we have are simply mind boggling.

Despite our tumultuous past and present whether in politics or economy, Alhamdullilah we have never had major fights nor wars and in fact, I feel like we’d grown stronger than ever, with calling each other uncle/aunty/kakak/abang on a daily basis, truly feels like a hugeeee family with different characters to add happiness and excitement into our mundane lives.

As today is the Eid-ul Adha, let’s have a prosperous day filled with His blessings! Let’s eat a lot and enjoy this long holiday!


A Relaxing Weekend

Now, I have about 3-4 drafts neatly sitting at the top of my blog posts as a reminder that I keep forgetting to continue what I was going to write about.

My days are so hectic when I’m in poly and it changes to some tropical Hawaiian beach vibe in my house, super relaxing until it just slips my mind to write about something.

Thankfully, last weekend was the best weekend of my life since entering my poly because I had free flow of food, nice cozy bed and nothing to worry about and of course, a weekend well spent with amazing friends.

I love my poly, even if it’s super outdated with wooden tables and wooden doors and wooden toilet door and wooden everything-lah in the classes but Polytechnic Banting is a place on a whole new level!

They even had extra dorms equipped with large wardrobes, a study table and a single bed, just nice for a dorm and ohmaigod,the surroundings are soooo Instagram worthy despite the poly being situated in the heart of nowhere!

(Excuse my mengantuk face)

They even have a hangar and a huge airplane, now that’s something else.

Looooook, so cool 😍

The plus point was definitely gaining new friends, despite me being an introvert with uh-mazing social skills *rolls eyes*.

Overall, my weekend was lit!

(On a side note, why do my pictures look small on my screen? Do you guys have the same problem?)


Letter To My Younger Self

If only I could write a long a** letter and post it to my younger self…. But one thing I would have told the 17-year-old me would probably be, “Study smart, go with your own flow and stay classy”.

I enjoyed my secondary school life especially the last year since everyone became emotionally attached to each other. The people that I had never spoken to for the last four years suddenly became my study partners, the boys that I barely spoke to became my stress relievers with their never ending jokes and the girls that I had only smiled to before became my shoulder to cry on and my mood lifters. 

I would say it was the most amazing year of my life, Alhamdulillah. But I do admit, my time management skill was super rusty. I was everywhere on the last few months of senior year, what’s with SPM examination looming over our heads and last minute editorial board works, it wasn’t a walk in the park. 

I would’ve asked the younger me to always be steadfast in her prayer, never let go of God if you don’t want Him to let go of you. Honestly, I strengthened my relationship with Allah only during a month before SPM. At that time, I didn’t know that I prayed solat sunat and prayed extra sincerely just for the sake of passing my papers but I did now. I am ashamed, to say the least because it felt like I only looked for Him when I needed His help.  

I would’ve also suggested the younger me to have a planner and make sure to USE it, not just put it in the bag and never let it see the daylight. I’ve always loved stationaries especially the tumblr-ish ones and I’ve invested in a lot of cute planners and notebooks (girls, you get me right?) only to have it sit in my bag for God knows how long. 

I would’ve also asked ‘her’ to drop her ego and just ask anyone, from teachers to peers for help in certain subjects. I thought I wasn’t that egotistic because “I still have a clear understanding of Physics (actually I sucked at this subject!), it is just a tad harder than the rest so I can do it on my own and if and only if I had problems I will ask someone” but that day never came even after I finished sitting for my Physics paper. 

So maybe there are tonnes of other things that the 17 year old me needed some lecturings on but I can’t turn back time now, can I? (Actually that would be EPIC, like imagine when a bully is about to knock your teeth, your future self comes to the rescue looking all macho, okay I’m going off topic). All I could do as an 18 year old me is to follow through my advice to the 17 year old me. 

P.S I think it is finally the time for me to lay down my yoga mat aka quilt and start on those lunges or else I will not finish my resolution in time and I’ll wallow in self pity for not managing my time properly! 

Fashion · Life

I Met Someone… 

Assalamualaikum and hi! 

Have you ever met someone who is very kind and humble to the point where you feel as if your heart would melt if he/she continues doing whatever they’re doing to your heart?

(Don’t think of it in a romantic way! Think of this person as your grandma who always bakes cookies/cooks your favourite food or just a random stranger you met in the street who aided you when you truly needed his/her help).

During the recent GKR2017 in May/June (can’t remember), I was fortunate enough to be a guest for Schmiley Mo’s show. I might have talked about the glitz and glam of that day but here’s the real story. 

Since I’ve never been to a fashion show before, of course I  didn’t know the protocols of attending one. The show started at 6 ish while my sister and I arrived at 5.30 pm on dot, talk about being excited. 

We waited outside the Black Box (the place where the show took place) and mind you, IT WAS HOT! You know the Malaysian weather *rolls eyes*. So we waited while our makeup melted like river and this kind (umm, what do I call her? Usherer? Yeah, that’ll do) usherer told us “For now, you can check out the clothes at White Box because you know it’s vey hot in here,”.

I wanted to tell her that we’d already looked at all the clothes and honey, it’s EXPENSIVE for a student, enough said but of course I didn’t, she was just an usherer but I liked her caring attitude. She wasn’t snobbish or stuck up towards us poor souls. 

Then we waited and waited, at last! The show started and our faces looked like kids eager to receive that twisted balloons clowns always make. Buuuuuut, we didn’t want to seem too eager so we waited for others to enter the hall first *face palm*.

That was when a kind looking man, clad in suit approached us and told us to step inside the hall. When I looked at him, I felt like I had seen him somewhere but I couldn’t place a finger on where I saw him! But I dismissed it because yeay, finally we were about to go in! 

So we enjoyed the show, took loads of pictures then we headed out with a goodie bag each with a smile on our faces. The whole situation felt surreal. 

Then, a week ago, I finally found the man again! Guess what? He is actually the FOUNDER of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW), Mr Andrew Tan himself .

*faints, gets back up, faints again* 

*sits in the corner and cries bucket*. 

What shocked me the most was despite being in a position where people in the fashion industry would look at you in awe, he came up to us personally (mind you, we were standing there looking like a lost child) and told us to go inside in a very kind tone. He didn’t have the “urgh, peasants” look nor spoke to us in a harsh voice.

 Even when I’m writing this, it feels like a dream that I spoke (even if it was just a few words) to a man who was respected in the fashion society and his attitude was enough to motivate me more in pursuing my goal to work in fashion industry. 

Also not to forget, the kind usherer who asked to check out the clothes instead of waiting in the hot environment. GKR2017 was definitely a success but what made it memorable was probably the ‘behind the scenes’ people who made sure every one of their guests were taken care off. 

To Mr. Andrew Tan, in 2 days KLFWRTW 2017 will officially kick off, I pray that you and your team will be at ease and the event will run smoothly as organised and will be a HUGEEEEE success! Ameen